Apr 17

Do you suffer from excessive hand sweating? PAIN FREE Botox injections are the answer!

Yes, PAIN FREE! As a physician who has treated patients with excessive hand sweating for over 13 years, I know how to make the injections pain free. As a Board Certified Anesthesiologist, I have adapted a 100 year old anesthetic technique to effectively numb your hands so that the 50 or injections needed to treat the whole hand are virtually pain free! I call it the Modified Bier Block and you can see it HERE.

There are physicians who inject Botox for excessive hand sweating without using any anesthesia, or attempt to inject Botox after using ice to “numb” the hands. Of course both “solutions” are useless. Just ask your physician if you can stick him or her with 50 needles using those techniques! I have seen many many patients who have had Botox injections after suffering from very painful Botox injections and successfully treated them with the Modified Bier Block technique. It is safe, easily reformed in my office and all my patients are able to drive themselves home as soon as the injections are done. The whole procedure is about 1 hour and best of all, you are comfortable the entire time!

Please don’t suffer painful hand injections of Botox to treat your excessive hand sweating. Call or email my office HERE and we can discuss this and make you sweat free!


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