May 5

Planning a wedding soon? Why worry about excessive underarm sweating!

If your planning a wedding you know all the work and thought that goes into it. Your gown cost a lot of money so why worry about underarm sweat ruining it? Excessive underarm sweat doesn’t only effect people suffering from hyperhidrosis. In any stressful situation you can have excessive underarm sweat that can show on any type of clothes that you are wearing. When you raise your arm to wave to someone, hug that special person or just pick your arm above your waist, you can reveal that unsightly underarm clothing stain. And on your wedding day that the last thing that you want to show on that perfect gown. At Bridges Medical Clinic I have been specializing in treating excessive underarm sweating with Botox for over 13 years. I know how that excessive sweating effects you since I suffer from it myself and get Botox to treat it.

You can read more about how Botox treats excessive underarm sweating as well as sweaty hands HERE. If you suffer from excessive hand sweating I can use my unique Modified Bier Block to ensure that your hand injection of Botox are pain free! (unlike clinics that use ice, useless creams or nothing at all!). You can see the Block HERE.

Contact us to discuss this to make your wedding a truly wonderful event!


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