May 22

Summers coming! Why worry about excessive underarm sweating?

For over 13 years I have been treating people for excessive sweating of their underarms and hands. Using Botox the excessive sweating is gone for 7-10 months for he underarms and about 4-6 months for the hands. With the warm weather coming this summer, the last thing that you want to worry about is what color or fabric clothes you need to wear because your worried about the dreaded “pit stains”! Having suffered from excessive underarm sweating myself since high school, I know exactly what your going through. Since getting underarm Botox injections over 13 years ago I don’t worry about raising my arms or color of my shirts.

Please don’t “suffer in silence” and know that there are over 8 million people who have hyperhidrosis and that there is a treatment for the excessive sweating that you have! To learn more about excessive sweating, the Modified Bier Block that I administer, and to learn more about my clinic please click HERE.


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