Jun 3

All we do is treat excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) with Botox!

While other physicians treat excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), it is not all they do! They are mostly dermatologists who treat acne, skin rashes, use laser for warts, smooth skin with creams and even use Botox to treat wrinkles! When they do have time to treat excessive sweating, most of them have assistants who actually do the injecting while the doctor is seeing other patients (very cost effective for them!).

For the past 13 years at Bridges Medical Clinic I have personally done ALL the injections with Botox when I treat excessive sweating of the underarms, hands and feet with Botox. Not only that, but as a Board Certified Anesthesiologist I adapted a 100 year old anesthetic technique that I call the Modified Bier Block to make the hand and feet injections virtually pain free. There are no other physicians in the country that I know of who use this technique, instead relying on ice, creams or no anesthesia at all! Patients who have had painful injections in the hands and feet cannot believe that they were able to have the excessive sweating of the hands and feet treated and not feel any of the injections. You can see a video of the Modified Bier Block that I use when treating excessive hand sweating HERE.

If you suffer from excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) of the underarms, hands or feet please feel free to review my website HERE and contact me so that I can answer all of your questions and concerns. As someone who not only treats people with excessive sweating, I also receive Botox injections for my underarm sweating so I can relate to all of the issues that you’ve had to put up with for so long.


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