Sep 13

SCHOOLS STARTED! Why worry about excessive underarm sweating!

When I was in High School I had excessive underarm sweating and couldn’t do anything about it except wear dark shirts and sweaters until about 13 years ago when I received Botox to treat the hyperhidrosis (the medical term for excessive sweating). Since then I can wear whatever color shirt I want and not worry about lifting my arm up and having large wet stains on my shirt. If you find yourself covering up and worrying about your excessive sweating, either in your underarms, hands or feet, please look at my website by clicking HERE, to see whats available to treat your hyperhidrosis.

If your a parent who notices the stained undershirts when you do a wash, or can’t understand why your daughter or son always wears black or white or uses sweaters when the weather is warm, please take the time to read about their hyperhidrosis HERE to help them.


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