Jul 14

Summer is here! Why suffer with excessive sweating when you can be treated with Botox?

AT Bridges Medical Clinic all we do is treat excessive underarm and hand and feet sweating (hyperhidrosis) with Botox. The virtually pain free injections of Botox in your underarm prevents the excessive underarm sweating that you normally have every day, not just in extreme heat. For treating the hands and feet, we are one of the only Centers in the country to use the Modified Bier Block to make the injections virtually pain free as well. You can see how it’s performed HERE. Almost all other physicians either use ice, creams or NOTHING at all when they perform the more then 50 injections per hand/foot that is needed to injected the 100 units of Botox needed to effectively treat the excessive sweating. In this day of adequate anesthesia it is hard to believe that this still occurs but I see patients every week who have cried when being injected without a proper anesthetic block. Don’t be one of them!


Please CONTACT our office today to discuss this with Dr. Solomon and how he can help you STOPĀ  your excessive sweating!




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