Injecting Botox for migraine headaches is a new and very effective way to try and prevent and treat this disabling disease. If you have tried taking over the counter and prescription medication and still get migraines that interfere with your daily life, perhaps Botox can help.
It has been shown that 50% of the people who get migraines that, after injection with Botox, are migraine free or have significantly less severe migraines for about 3-4 months. In 25% of the people who get migraines, Botox has the same effect for about 1-2 months and, unfortunately, in the remaining 25%, it does not help at all. There is no way to predict beforehand who will get relief from the Botox injections.
The injections are given in the forehead, around the temples, behind the ears and in back of the neck. The injections near the eyes need to be done carefully since eyelid and brow drop (ptosis) can occur. The other “side effect” when the injections are given in the forehead is that most wrinkles are smoothed out.


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