Example 1:
After suffering for excessive hand sweating for years, Mr. M, a person in a public relations position in a large San Francisco company said. ” After doing my research, I knew I didn’t want any risk of surgery. Dr. Solomon explained the procedure of injecting Botox and I went to see him on a Sunday. ( A doctor with weekend hours!) He made my right hand numb with a nerve block after painting my hand with iodine and cornstarch. I did not feel any of the 50 or so injections at all! The next day I was significantly dryer, feeling I could shake hands with my clients without having to worry about keeping a towel in my pocket to dry them first. It’s been a week now and I’m dry. I think I’ll go back and get the other hand done soon. The cost was more than worth it in terms of my confidence and ability to meet with people and not worry that they noticed my wet handshake.”
Example 2:
People in public jobs like Ms. R, “As a teacher I was always self conscious of my wet underarms. The clothes that I wore had to ones that didn’t show how wet I was. Finally I had enough and made an appointment to see Dr. Solomon. After painting my underarms with some brown liquid and brushing a powder on, he shoed me where I was sweating and it was a large area under my arms. He injected me, which didn’t hurt as much as I thought, and in under an hour I was on my way home. When school started on Monday I was totally dry!”
Example 3:
A dentist states “Working next to patients all the time, I would sweat right through my shirt and jacket. Every few hours I would have to change. Finally I got sick and tired and contacted Dr. Solomon. He spent a great deal of time on the phone explaining the procedure and I had it done without hesitation. Over the next 2 days I noticed I was dry. I wear blouses now without worrying about ruining them under my lab coat, which now I need only one per day.”
Example 4:
A flight attendant, Ms. M commented “Being on a plane for hours on end, carrying various items back and forth, I didn’t usually have a chance to change by shirt or uniform. I would just wear a layer or two and try and stay dry under my arms. I heard about Dr. Solomon from a friend and went to see him. After talking to him I had Botox injected. The next day I was heading to New York and noticed I was dry. Even when dealing with a seating dispute, which used to make me soak right through, I was not wet at all”
Example 5:
A 17 year old high school senior, L, said, ” Since I was younger I always sweated under my arms. It was kinda a joke with my friends, but I was always embarrassed. I couldn’t wear certain color clothes I wanted or sleeveless dresses cause I would drip sweat sometimes and it was gross. When my parents asked what I wanted for my birthday, I told them about Botox. I heard about it from a friend in LA who had it done and was really happy about it. My dad knew Dr. Solomon so I went to him. It was so great! For the first time I can wear any color I want and any kind of dress and not worry about any wet stains.”
Example 6:
Mrs. K talks about her migraines: ” For the past few years I have been on various medication for my migraines. Imitrex, Inderol, Elevil, Maxalt and others, none seemed to work. Not only that, but I also started to get high blood pressure and I read that some of the medications for migraines can be dangerous in people with hypertension. I did some research and in a on-line discussion group, Botox came up as a way to prevent migraines. I read Dr. Solomon’s ad in the paper, called him and set up a appointment to get the injections. The injections on my forehead hardly hurt because I used a cream he prescribed before. The others around my head weren’t bad at all. It’s been a month now and I haven’t had to take any medication except for an Excedrin Migraine, but I think it was from too much wine at dinner. Not only that, a side effect that Dr. Solomon told me about happened as well. All the wrinkles on my forehead are gone! Some side effect.”





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